Thomas Keller Art 



Chalk Art 2017 on 5th!–A street painting extravaganza! 

Jan 28, 2017   The festival went great and Mecca executed her vision to perfection.  I was an unpaid employee and was repremanded when I went off on my own.  Well to be honest I did tell her this year was all her vision.  Lesson learned.


Thomas Keller is a full service creative artist.  He takes your idea and turns it into a beautiful masterwork.  His experience as a general contractor and professional artist allows him to design, implement and construct anything you can envision. So dream big. Let him create a one of a kind painting, sculpture, wall relief, labyrinth, etc. for you now!

  I am presently creating my first piece of performance art.

Here are two sample openings and I will post more as

it evolves.  It is entitled, "ILLUSIONS" and based upon a series of paintings I've created over the years.   Enjoy.